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Tile Care

Regular Repairs

Fixing broken or scratched tile is an important part of regular maintenance. Although sealants are not always helpful on tile floors, they can help to protect your counters and high traffic areas from grout stains. When a tile breaks, repair it quickly to prevent further damage, and ensure that grout is added where and when it breaks down.

Essential Dos and Don’ts

Here’s a breakdown of important dos and don’ts to consider when taking care of your tile floors before, during, and after installation:


  • Use a protective cover for the tile surface while applying grout to avoid construction cleaning problems. Items such as kraft paper, cardboard, and plywood can be used as a cover.
  • Seal on all grouted joints.
  • Test scouring powders on a small area or a sample tile first.


  • Install tiles until all heavy construction is complete. Most are finished materials and heavy objects and construction materials can cause damage to their finish.
  • Use top sealers that can become a coating over the tile and grout joints.
  • Allow cleaning solutions to dry
  • Use steel wool pads, scouring pads, or any item containing harsh aids like metal. Apart from the possibility of damaging the glaze or surface, small steel particles can cause grout to rust.
  • Use any oil-based detergents or wax cleaners for the maintenance of your tiles.
  • Use agents that contain dye/color on unglazed ceramic tile.