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SmartStrand® Forever Clean

After 10 years, Mohawk® has made the best carpet in the world even better. SmartStrand® Forever Clean is the only carpet that lets you have it all—unbeatable spill protection, permanent stain resistance, long-lasting durability, and so much more.

  • 0% moisture absorption to reduce pet odors in the carpet fiber
  • Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield for quick and easy cleanup
  • 3X easier to clean dirt, hair, and pet dander
  • Lifetime, built-in stain protection


The Wear-Dated® has been trusted for over 30 years and time-tested in over 14 million homes. This highly resilient fiber is known for its strength, excellent stain and fade resistance, and appearance retention. And with nearly endless color and style options, you’re sure to find the design you like in a carpet that lasts.

Wear-Dated® carpets are made with the highest quality nylon available for a refined, soft fiber. Every Wear-Dated® carpet is performance tested for durability, colorfastness, and stain and soil resistance.

All Wear-Dated® products are protected with Scotchgard© Protector Advanced Repel Technology, the most trusted name in stain and soil protection for over 50 years.

In addition to lifetime anti-static coverage, Wear-Dated® warranties include stain and soil protection, texture retention, and abrasive wear coverage.

Scotchgard© Carpet Protector

Scotchgard© Protector Advanced Repel Technology repels spills, keeps stains from seeping in, and makes cleanup a breeze.

Scotchgard© Protector Advanced Repel Technology extensive protection is considered the best in its class for carpet stain protection. It surrounds each individual fiber to protect the entire carpet—from the tips of the fiber to the carpet backing—for total stain and soil protection.

Its liquid-repelling properties keep stains on the surface, making it the industry favorite for fast cleanup and easy maintenance. In repeated tests, consumers preferred Scotchgard© Protector for easy cleaning.

For over 50 years, Scotchgard© Protector Advanced Repel Technology has been the gold standard and an industry leader in quality stain and soil protection. So choose carpet products with Scotchgard© Protector Advanced Repel TechnologyEverStrand® and Wear-Dated® —to keep your floor looking newer, longer.

R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System

R2X is the industry’s most innovative carpet stain and soil repelling system and the product of years of research and testing. The Shaw© exclusive R2X system goes beyond conventional repellents that only protect the surface of the carpet.

With R2X, carpets are armed with total fiber coverage, offering complete protection from the top to the bottom of the yarn. This total fiber coverage offers unprecedented protection against household spills and everyday soiling.

With R2X, spills that reach the base of the yarn don’t penetrate and wick back to the top as they do with conventional solutions.

In testing, R2X demonstrated superior carpet stain resistance on two levels. First, it provides better initial protection. Second, it allows more time to react to a problem.

Another significant benefit of R2X is its effectiveness with polyester and polypropylene fibers. Most polyester and polypropylene carpets have an inherent tendency to attract soil. Topical soil carpet treatments are only “skin deep,” and the limited protection they offer wears away after cleaning or normal wear and tear. In contrast, R2X continues to perform well even after repeated cleanings.

The performance of nylon, polyester, and polypropylene treated with ordinary systems begins to diminish. And of course, the Shaw© warranty protection ensures customer satisfaction, time after time.

High Traffic Areas


Hardwood flooring is one of the smartest choices for any high traffic area. Hardwood flooring has been around for centuries because of the inherent strength it possesses, the abundance of hardwood trees in North America and its natural “give” making it easy to walk upon without fatigue.


Vinyl has come a long way since its creation back in the 19th century by a French physician. Celebrated for its durability and strength since its birth, vinyl has become stylish as well as durable.


Many overlook carpet as a great contender for high traffic areas, but when installed correctly, this can be a very effective choice of flooring. If properly constructed, carpet can be extremely durable and even keep the noise down in a crowded place.

Area Rug

Increase the use of your carpet by using an area rug. Any carpet in our store can be made into a beautiful area rug.

Tile Flooring Installation


  • Move furniture out of the area where the tiles are being installed
  • Bring the installation area and materials to room temperature for 48 hours before installation.
  • Make sure the floor you’re laying over is clean, dry and flat.

Finishing Up

  • Clean adhesive from tile surfaces with a wet cloth.
  • Fasten trim and moldings to the wall, not the flooring.
  • Avoid heavy traffic on the new installation for 72 hours while adhesive sets.

Laminate Flooring Installation


  • Clean the Subfloor.
  • Pull up the existing flooring.
  • Check that your moisture barrier, underlayment and plank fit under your door casing and door.
  • If you’re gluing the new flooring to the subfloor, use a sander to remove paint, oil, wax, adhesives, sealers or other material.

Finishing Up

  • Avoid heavy traffic on the new installation for 72 hours while adhesive sets.

Hardwood Floor Installation


  • Make sure ALL furniture is moved out of the area of installation.
  • Pull up the existing flooring.
  • Make sure the area is dry.

Finishing Up

  • Avoid heavy traffic on the new installation for 72 hours while adhesive sets.

Carpet Flooring Installation


  • Furniture is step one. Remove all furniture and other objects and materials from the areas to be carpeted.
  • Disconnect and reconnect electronics such as computer, TV etc..
  • If you prefer to remove your present floor covering, do it at least one day prior to installation to allow for cleanup floor preparation.
  • If removing old carpet, please leave tack strips in place and pull the staples out of the floor from the original pad.